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Television Generation at Silo Sound

TVG is an indie rock band with a proto-punk sound that ranges from fast paced punk rock to stoney slacker anthems, rich with catchy melodies and gritty guitar riffs best described as 'timeless indie rock'.

" Television Generation is the greatest power pop, grunge-not-throw-back-but-throw-forward wiseacre cultural commenting smart snark band in Denver. And that’s saying something. " -Queen City Sounds

You Make Me Fuchsia/You Make Me Stoned


The streets of Denver, CO are ripe with the sounds of music spilling out from bars, clubs, and cafes. This is where TVG broke onto the scene with their first EP 'Fuchsia', named after the driving title track and including the hard hitting 'Mr. Mollusk' and experimental rock song 'With the Lights Down Low'.

Indie Rock Will Save Your Soul (or whatever)


'Peel' takes on life as a lonely millennial in an ever gentrifying city with indie rock anthems like 'Whatever', hopelessness and anger through songs like 'Going Blank' and wrapping up with a nostalgic yearning in 'Thirteen'. The release was followed by a softer side of TVG, the 2-song single 'Turn it Up'.

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Wasting time




‘Mr. Mollusk’

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